Buyers Protection

  • To protect our buyers we use a escrow service.
  • This service allow buyers to test the quality of the product they are buying before releasing the money to seller.
  • If the product does not meet the comply offered by the seller, the buyer can withdraw the money at any time and cancel the transaction.
  • The seller will get the money only after the buyer release the escrow.Otherwise the transaction will be cancelated and the buyer will get the money back minus transaction fee.
  • In this way we can offer the best products and the most trustfull platform.


  • We accept any sellers worldwide.
  • On our platform you can sell products using a big list of supported cryptocurrency. BTC , ETH , DOGE and a lot more.
  • To use our platform the seller must pay a license key what will stay stick to your account permanently
  • We payout 100% instantly to your btc address (except bitcoin transfer fees)
  • Seller account can be deactivated after the rating is bellow 3 stars.
  • Seller will get the money only after the buyer release the escrow.
  • In this way the sellers will never sell a fake or wrong product,otherwise the seller account will be deactivated.